Who We Are?


We, ComFamili was established in 2018. We deliver Home Interior, Home decor, and various convenient goods that make people’s daily life more convenient and comfortable.

We, ComFamili design, manufacture and  discover products from around the world that enrich your daily life, and providing them mainly On-line.

Our Core Values


ComFamili puts its value to the Humanity the most. Humanity means people’s emotions such as Joy, Happiness, Compassion, and Love, which are the Joy of heart every people originally have. ComFamili puts its most of value to contribute to these people’s joy of heart through delivering our products and services.


ComFamili achieve its contribution to Humanity by providing high quality products and services. It is obvious that “High quality” contribute to people’s joy of heart. We, ComFamili never give up its quality and always work on improving quality.


Creating brand new epoch-making ideas, and continuous quality improvements require a mind set of change which is to doubt what it is now, and  a diverse perspective such as looking at a thing from different angles. We, ComFamili cherish a attitude to think out side the box and a diversity to accept many different ideas including cultural and always willing to change.

Our Mission

Many precious events that happens in our lives are something very important, and it can be said that they are almost the meaning we live. Those jewel – like moments tend to be short and visit us only once in a while, and this even make them shine more.

It is true that these beautiful moments color our lives, however, our ordinary daily-life still consist most of time in our life.

We, ComFamili wish to deliver the products that let these daily-life be more comfortable, convenient , cultural, and contribute to people’s joy of heart in ordinary daily-life.